Easy Steps To Clean Coins

Published on June 2, 2018

Easy Steps To Clean Coins – People with hobby to collect coins in their life may has problem to keep their coins stay clean and bright. This time, the author will share some tips about how to clean coins to readers. Please check this out – alexwoodcreates.com !

How to clean coins :

  1. Ketchup for curprum

Grab ketchup from your refrigerator and smear on the coins slightly. Mostly, this method works out well due to since 1982 coins was made from curprum. After smearing coins with ketchup, rinse it with warm water to have thoroughly clean coins.

  1. Vinegar and salt

Prepare white vinegar in ¼ cup only, a teaspoon of salt, also a bowl. Oh obviously, the dirty coins! Put salt to the bowl. Then, put the white vinegar to be stirred with salt till the salt will be dissolved.  After the preparation is done, put the coins into that solution until 20 seconds.

  1. Salt and lemon juice

Place your coins in a bowl which be filled by salt and lemon juice. In this method, you allow to not scrubbing or rubbing. After a while, take the coins off of the bowl, rinse it. And your coins will be like new ones.

  1. Pencil eraser

Go rubbing your coins with pencil eraser gently. This simple method will help your coins brighter and cleaner.

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