How to Clean a Bong

Published on June 2, 2018

How to Clean a Bong –¬†Cleaning a bong regularly will lead the bong to work for a longer time. At least, you do not need to buy a new bong in a short time. Clean the bong alone is not too difficult. But for the outline, cleaning bong is divided into two sections. Section one is cleaning the main section, and the second section is getting the stubborn area.

To clean the main section, you can start it by disassembling the bong. Then, rinse the bong with water and then dry it. Pour Epsom salt or the table salt to the bowl and the mouthpiece. You can do it easier with a funnel. If you do not have salt, you can change it with baking soda. Next, pour the reasonable amount of the cleaning solution. In here, you can choose any cleaning solution. Shake the bong for 5 minutes at least and then rinse and repeat the cleaning process until it was completely cleaned. For the final step, use the cleaning tools as you need.

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