How to Clean Suede Shoes

Published on June 2, 2018

 How to Clean Suede Shoes – Clean the shoes and get the good impression. The good impression is not just to attract people. It also works to get the trust and improve the confidence. To look clean and neat, people wear something that can be proud. But cleaning the suede shoes can be a little problematic. If you have some problem with it, you can see the right way to clean suede shoes in here.

First, get the suede brush. Make sure to select the right brush for this. If the shoes manufacturer has a care label, use the suggestion of the manufacturer. Suede is sensitive to water. For this, make sure the shoes are dry. To remove the dirt, brush the shoes gently. Brush towards the same direction and do it repeatedly. To remove the scuff marks, brush the shoes vigorously. For stubborn marks, you can use eraser. Apply the moderate pressure. But if more pressure is needed, increase the pressure as you need.

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