Pratical Step To Clean Up The Oily Bowl

Published on June 2, 2018

–        Baking soda

–        Sponge

–        Clean towels

  1. Prepare a sink which already be full of hot water
  2. Put two tablespoons of liquid dish soap and baking soda into the hot water
  3. Clean up your residue food inside bowl by fork
  4. Soak oily bowl into the hot water, and let stand it for 30 minutes
  5. After 30 minutes is over, brush oily bowl using sponge
  6. Rinse the oily bowl with clean hot water
  7. Dry it with the clean towels that already be prepared by you previously

Cleaning up plastic kitchen appliances sometimes is easy but often being hard, indeed. But to help you easier, you just have to put it on the full hot water of sink. Tips about how to clean bowl above in hopes will work out on you a lot. Say welcome to the cleanliness and keep your kids safe.

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