The Quickly Steps To Clean The Pipe

Published on June 2, 2018

The Quickly Steps To Clean The Pipe – Are you in trouble to get tips about how to clean a glass pipe, how to clean a pipe ? Be here to get the solutions on , guys!

How to clean a glass pipe, how to clean a pipe :

  1. Use rubbing alcohol

–     Do a removal over all loose materials of the pipe. Put it upside down and make taps to remove any rest of particels gently.

–     Grab a bag of plastic resealable with rubbing alcohol. 90 % alcohol will work perfectly on things which hard to be cleaned. Put the pipe within a bag mentioned earlier, make sure the pipe is sank under alcohol’s surface.

–     Soak the pipe overnight. Seal the bag and let the pipe inside it about 8 until 10 hours.

–     Take the pipe over the bag. Rince it with cold water and use a clean cotton to send away any residue

–     Dry it perfectly before use the pipe

  1. Use boilling water

–     Put a pot on stone that has been filled by water. Boil it up.

–     Put the pipe to be sank on boilling water

–     Take 20 until 30 minute to soak the pipe on boilling water. Take the pot off of stove, check the pipe from the rest of residue after draining out water

Tips : For have a thoroughly clean pipe, you have to repeat those process above.

–     Use clean cotton or pipe cleaner to take all rest residues on the pipe

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