Tips For Cleaning Your Skillet

Published on June 2, 2018


How to clean a cast iron skillet :

  1. After using skillet for cooking, clean it immediately when still warm or hot. Try to not leave your skillet in sink, or you will get it rust
  2. Hot water will be great idea to be used when you wash it by hands and stiff brush or sponge. Try avoiding soap, dishwasher also steel wool, cause it might be striping
  3. To do a removal of trapped food on skillet, scrubb it with water and kosher salt. For the rest of stubborn food, it can be solved with boilling water on it.
  4. Dry the clean skillet with towels or try putting it above stove with low heat
  5. Using paper towels to apply a coat of the melted shortening or vegetable oil lightly for the inside of skillet. Some would love to use those for the outside of skillet.
  6. For keeping cleaner, store the skillet in place where having no water or moisture around

Some tips about how to clean a cast iron skillet above in hopes will help readers a lot in cleaning their skillet. And be more free to use your skillet without being burdened about . Have a happy cooking!

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