Ways to Clean The Sperry Shoes

Published on June 2, 2018

How to clean sperry in shoes:

  1. Brush your sperry shoes with a brush of soft bristle.

This method is used for nubuck and suede sperrys since these kind of leather are rather sensitive yet less resistant over moisture to be compared with leather of full grain.

In brushing it clean, please use short strokes which moving on the same way. Scrubbing shoes with irregular directions will make scars. For best result, you may use a brush of rubber bristled due to this brush will make less scars on your shoes. Focus on areas that mostly dirty.

  1. Remove the laces and insole. Those things will get washed separately to avoid more damage on shoes. After that, soak the sperry shoes on the cool water which be prepared on a bucket. Make sure the shoes get sank perfectly. Put dish soap into shoes and try to clean it up gently. After that,go scrubbing the insoles. It’s the same in scrubbing, do it gently to keep sperry good. Then, make sure that your shoes has been dried perfectly.

However, cleaning up sperrys is a must to do for keeping our leather looks good. The laziness to clean it up will affect so much on the leather. Tips above, about how to clean sperrys in shoes, are expected to get readers easier than ever. Thank you!

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